Mercury Retrograde 101: What to Expect

Mercury Retrograde 101: What to Expect

Mercury Retrograde 101: What to Expect

Mercury rules communication, travel, and intelligence. In an astrological chart, Mercury appears to move backward relative to the sun during a retrograde. This astrological transition is most commonly associated with problems with technology and communication. Mercury's retrograde causes problems in the various aspects of our lives that Mercury influences. Because of the potential problems, Mercury retrograde can cause, fear or discomfort is sometimes associated with it.

 Because of these disruptions, it's also a good idea not to settle on deals or sign contracts during a Mercury retrograde, as there may be a communication or planning issue that comes to light once Mercury returns direct. If you have travel plans, there is a greater chance that you will experience delays, car problems, or have a flight rescheduled. These are all worst-case scenarios, of course, but they are more likely than ever during this retrograde. 

Remember that there are no truly "bad" times in astrology. Some aspects may be more difficult than others, but this is due to the duality of our life experiences. Sometimes going backward is necessary to reflect on issues beneath the surface. Retrogrades offer a powerful opportunity for growth and empowerment by teaching us how to navigate the more challenging energies they bring. 

The Signs' Influence on Mercury Retrograde


A mercury retrograde in Aries creates more opportunities for impulsive decisions and actions to be challenged. Be wary of taking risks or making major decisions about your future during this placement, as the fire that drives your desires could be extinguished quickly. 


Expect issues concerning your finances in Taurus. The energy of the retrograde may inspire you to overspend if you do not plan ahead of time. There could also be issues in your home life that are causing imbalances in your family dynamics. 


The Mercury retrograde in Gemini causes communication disruptions. Many become overwhelmed with too much information because they struggle to form thoughts or think logically. 


Mercury retrograde in Cancer agitates humanity's more vulnerable side. People may deal with old emotions and issues from the past resurfacing, spending more time alone in the comfort of their own homes than usual until these issues are resolved. 


Mercury retrograde in Leo interferes with our ability to complete new projects. Miscommunication and misunderstandings are more likely to create roadblocks in certain pursuits, temporarily dissolving any passion or drive that many people have during this time. 


Mercury retrograde appears to create a more anxious atmosphere in Virgo than usual. Communication is severely hampered, causing people to become lost in their thoughts, twirling through their insecurities and concerns. During this time, self-doubt and self-image are also affected. 


Mercury retrograde in Libra puts a strain on our personal relationships. Because of conflicts, imbalances may be present or heightened, prompting us to seek ways to achieve more stability in our lives. 


Mercury retrograde in Scorpio may cause people to overthink and spend more time reflecting on their darker emotions and thoughts. This is an excellent time for self-reflection and becoming aware of what no longer serves you. 


Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius causes others to feel more agitated and out of control than usual. This can motivate us to seek out additional ways to gain a sense of freedom and empowerment in our lives. 


Mercury retrograde in Capricorn creates an air of insecurity in our lives. Plans or goals may appear to fail, causing us to reconsider our process and end goal. This is a powerful time to shift gears and make changes toward our end goal. 


Mercury's retrograde in Aquarius invites us to revisit old friendships or relationships. There is a strong sense of nostalgia present, which draws our attention to areas of our past lives that may require healing. 


Mercury retrograde in Pisces heightens sensitivity and can cause emotional distress. This is essential for understanding your triggers and assisting you in finding ways for your body to communicate how to overcome them. 

"It's all about finding the calm in the chaos."

Donna Karen

Mercury Direct

Mercury direct occurs when the planet appears to be moving "forward" astrologically once more. During this time, any problems with communications, travel, and technology are resolved, and people can resume their normal lives. Before devoting time and energy to areas of your life that revolve around communication and commitments, it's a good idea to know when Mercury is direct. If you're having trouble communicating or dealing with problems in your life, check Mercury's position to see if it's in retrograde.

How to Handle Mercury Retrograde

You can use a few rituals to help balance your energies and find empowerment during these times to help you better acclimate to the changing energies of this retrograde. 

Ritual Bath - During Mercury retrograde, a salt bath helps remove any negative energies that may attract negative experiences into your life. This also aids in the removal of stagnation in the body, particularly in the throat area, which governs communication. 

Shadow Work - is the process of delving deeply into your subconscious mind to uncover emotional and behavioral patterns. You can grow as an individual by learning these patterns and becoming more consciously aware when making decisions or reacting. You can use a ritual candle to help focus your awareness inward, and help shine a light into your inner shadows. 

Crystals - You can use crystals to help strengthen communication and compassion during this retrograde. Wear them as jewelry, meditate with them on your throat or heart center, or carry them with you throughout the day. Having these energies around you can help you deal with some of the retrograde effects. 

Exercise Your patience

Mercury retrograde affects everyone differently. If you're currently experiencing a retrograde, keep in mind that it, too, shall pass. Find ways to practice patience and stillness, and reflect on what the retrograde brings to the surface during this time. Reflect on yourself and use this Mercury retrograde to grow and expand into the best version of you’re meant to be.

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